Sexual Astrology Dating

Sexual Astrology Dating

For a woman, nothing could be better than to experience two things that she loves at the same time – sex and a massage. Sure, she would probably want to throw her other love, shopping, into the mix but that could get a little awkward. And since most men would prefer to skip the shopping, have you thought to pick up a few pointers in the massage department and a learn some techniques that she’ll love.

Make It About Her With A sensual massage

Before we delve into the world of massage, let’s be sure that you are properly prepared for the journey. Just like going on a fishing trip, you wouldn’t want to leave without your tackle or bring along a rusty rod so get all your equipment clean and ready.

Top on the list – be sure you hands are clean and your nails are trimmed. You don’t want to injure your partner or leave her with an unexpected surprise; you want to give her memories, not an infection.

Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.

Mae West

The basic items that you need are some baby wipes, and massage oil or lotion that is safe for internal use. To add something special try some candles, flowers, soft music and a blindfold.

A sensual massage explores areas of her body that other masseuses don’t enter, literally. To get a feel for how your partner will respond to a sensual massage, take it slowly. You can start with the shoulders and back but then move to the erogenous zones. Your hands are not the only instruments that can be used. Include your tongue and mouth in the experience.

Massage – Your hands are not the only instruments that can be used.


The vagina, nipples, and feet are spots that you are probably familiar with. Experiment on her wrists with a little sucking, her fingers, ears and the back of her neck. Softly caress the insides of her elbows and knees. The idea is to gently explore many parts of her body with the warmth of your hands and lubrication of the oil.

Since you don’t want to shock her, pour the oil onto your hands and rub them together to create a warm sensation before spreading the lotion onto her body. As she is relaxing into your touch massage her whole body including private areas. Explore her G-spot which is the soft spot inside and upward. Gently stroke this area and see how your partner responds. If she likes it, just follow her lead and bring her to an incredible climax.

As long as you concentrate on her pleasure, she will let you know by her movements, her own sensual dance, which parts of your touch bring her the most pleasure. The more you linger in certain departments, the more she will want to head to the express check-out lane.

There is an art to pleasurable sex for women. Luckily it’s a paint-by-numbers art that can be learned. You may think you have all the moves down, but consider some very slight variations of these five tried and tested, female approved, positions.

Choose Your Orgasm

Turn the missionary position from ordinary to extraordinary with just a little twist and shout. This position is intimate since you are face to face with your partner and may continue to kiss, look into one another’s eyes, and have body contact at all times. Try this slight change. Rather than thrusting in and out, add a little swivel to your entry. This will give your lady a different sensation and can leave her begging for more.

No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.

Betty Friedan

Slight Variations

A slight variation of the missionary position gives a tantalizing experience without the actual entry. This position could be used when full intercourse [entry] is not desired but orgasm is. Lie in the missionary position; however, the man should place himself about two to four inches forward so the base of the penis rubs against her clitoris. Your movement should be up and down, providing friction to the clitoris. Overstimulation associated with the clitoris may be uncomfortable for some women so be attentive and you will know at what pace to move.

Most men prefer the visual pleasure they get from going doggy style. You may need to start with slow, shallow thrusts and build up to stronger and deeper thrusts as she becomes comfortable. The woman has a better chance at hitting her G-spot, the area inside and ‘north’ of the clitoris. You may make her howl by applying firm, well-placed strokes along her G-spot for an orgasm she will remember.

Women On Top

A woman may have a tough time climbing to the top in the corporate world, but a woman on top in the bedroom is a true delight. For the man, again there is something to look at. Hands are free to roam the terrain. On top, the woman can decide which type of orgasm she wants – a clitoral orgasm or a G-spot orgasm. By leaning back, she can reach the G-spot; by leaning forward and arching her back, the clitoris is stimulated. As opposed to an up and down motion, try a lateral back and forth motion. In this position, the man can lay one hand flat against her lower abdomen and apply slight pressure. This heats up a pleasurable erogenous zone.

On top, the woman can decide which type of orgasm she wants


Don’t hesitate to take a quickie in the kitchen. Women like intimacy, but also enjoy hot, spontaneous sex every now and then. Lift her up on the countertop and position yourself between her legs. She will scoot to the edge of the counter while your penis thrusts at a slight upward angle. This is perfect for reaching her G-spot; however, the stimulation for you makes it hard to control your orgasm. Don’t worry a lot of, the novelty of hot sex outside of the bedroom has her part way to her orgasm before you even get her panties off!

After another sex scandal involving a senior member of the Catholic Church, questions are again being asked about celibacy. Is it realistic for someone to permanently go without sex?

Celibacy does not mean abstinence.

To the purists, celibacy – derived from the Latin for unmarried – means a permanent state of being without sex.

Abstinence may be temporary. And it’s possible to be abstinent in a relationship. ‘ True’ celibacy means a life without both sex and a spouse or partner. Of course, there are many who give it a looser definition – merely indicating some sort of commitment to be without sex.

The subject is back in the headlines after Cardinal Keith O’Brien admitted that his ‘sexual conduct’ had fallen below the standards expected of him amid allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

As a Catholic priest he was expected to abstain from all sexual activity and devote himself to God and the Church’s followers. Buddhist monks have similar expectation. In both religions, masturbation is certainly a breach of celibacy.

For non-religious people the institution may be hard to comprehend.

Catholic priests are all men and while there are celibate women – typically nuns – much of the debate tends to focus on male celibacy.

Taken in its strictest definition, there is a question mark over whether celibacy is possible.

Men are driven by testosterone to want sex, says John Wass, Professor of Endocrinology at Oxford University. Women are driven to a lesser degree by a mixture of testosterone and oestrogen, he explains. ‘I’d regard celibacy as a totally abnormal state.’

Around 80-90% of men masturbate and it’s likely that priests do too, he says.

There is data to suggest that men who ejaculate more are less prone to prostate cancer, he says. ‘You could argue that it’s not so healthy to be celibate.’

Many people simply cannot imagine, purely on a physical basis, going their whole life without sex of any kind.

Jimmy O’Brien, who left the priesthood to start family remembers how difficult it could be for young men. ‘You have to fight the urges. For a lot of people it can be a daily battle, others are not so affected.’

The power of the mind through exercises like meditation can banish physical cravings, argues Vishvapani, a Buddhist contributor to Radio 4’s consideration for the Day. ‘There’s no doubt in my mind that some people are able to practice it quite happily. It may sometimes be a bit of a struggle. But the idea that biologically you can’t – that’s false.’

Father Stephen Wang, dean of studies at Allen Hall Seminary, says it is a sacrifice that many priests manage. ‘It’s possible when people have a inner maturity and the faith and support structures are in place.’ For him it is no different to the challenge of a husband trying to be faithful to his wife.

There is no celibacy get-out in the form of masturbation, says Wang. ‘ For every Christian, masturbation, sex before marriage and sex outside marriage are wrong the other you shouldn’t be doing.

‘Masturbation is forbidden for every Catholic. The reason is that it makes us more selfish, more introverted and less able to open your heart in love to other people.’

Of course, there are many millions of Christians who would disagree with Wang’s position.

If you’re mind is not focused on sex, then you may be missing out on some very important mental and physical benefits. I’m not referring to over stimulation to the point that you can’t hold down a job or any type of real friendships, that’s addictive and not healthy. I’m talking about confident adults that give freedom to their sexual thoughts rather than trying to suppress them as a result of societal norms. When you try to deny something that is natural then it only leads to frustration, stress, and possibly ill health.

Let’s talk first about the female orgasm. There are lots of reasons why a woman may not be able to climax during sex. Some of them are associated with a physical condition while others certainly are a result of a psychological reason. No, I’m not saying that women that cannot orgasm are crazy. However, what might be happening is that their mind is getting in the way, not allowing the woman to focus on the pleasures of sex, and thus denying the physical body the joy of having great sex and great orgasms.

It’s okay to have sex. It’s okay to enjoy sex. And, it’s okay to learn tips, tricks and actual physical moves that will help you get the orgasm you deserve. Focus on sex and the things you need to do such as kegel exercises, working with your sex partner to find which positions work and stimulate you, and grabbing your personal massager or vibrator and doing a little self discovery. It’s perfectly healthy to touch yourself and find out what makes you tick, giggle, moan, and cry out in passion.

Don’t let the female heroines in those fiction romance novels have all the fun!

When you have a healthy mental attitude about sex and a healthy physical sexual life then you are more likely to have fewer bouts of illness. You have more energy, sexual energy as well as the energy to handle stress outside of the bedroom. You will get fewer colds and have fewer sick days. When you focus on sex that is satisfying then you allow your body a release of stress and tension. Stress is known to lower your immune system and cause illness.

So how much time should be spent on sex to be healthy? Well, that answer is different depending on who you talk with. But as they say, use it or lose it. You should be shooting for at least two sexual encounters a week. It doesn’t matter if they last just 10 minutes, just get them in. Statistics show that only 15% of couples have sex three times a week…no wonder staying single and in the game is so appealing!

Here’s the bottom line on sex. The more you imagine about it, the more you will do it, the more you will enjoy it, and the better physical health you will have. You will be able to enjoy more orgasms with less effort because your sex muscles, both the brain muscle and the physical muscles, are used often enough to remember what direction to go…give you ‘O’ so much pleasure.